Department of Public Computer Education


Department of Information Engineering from Yunnan University was founded in the 1980's of last century, and it joins the school of Information Science and Engineering in 2000. The responsibility of this department is to teach basic computer courses to the undergraduate students of Yunnan University, except those from the school of information science and engineering, school of software. 

There exist many prominent scholars and professors at the Department of Information Engineering, where there are 9 full-time teachers till the end of 2015. Among the full-time teachers, there is 1 professor, 3 associate professors, in which 1 PhD, 3 masters. In addition, 1 teacher joined the college of Computer Courses Teaching Steering Committee (2013-2017), and 1 teacher joined the third high school computer based Teaching Steering of Yunnan province (2014-2018).

Basic computer courses are very important for general education in the university. Department of Information Engineering always pays attention to training students’ ability to solve the problems by computer technique. Except the theoretic knowledge, the students are taught how to find the appropriate methods and how to operate with other by the right way. 

To respond the requirement of application and practice of the Ministry of education, Department of Information Engineering reforms the computer basic education gradually. Based on the environment of computer and resource of the website, we regard the thinking ability training as the core task, and enable students to have the ability of autonomous learning practice and creatively solve the real problems in the professional fields using computer technology. 

The education reform project - computer basic education reform and practice of our department was awarded honorable mention of national teaching achievement award in 2002, and meritorious winner of teaching achievement in Yunnan province. In addition, we have published more than 10 tetx books (and electronic teaching resources CD-ROM), and also have published more than 10 education reformation papers in different journals. Moreover, the department has constructed the database of examination questions, cases, electronic coursewares and other teaching resources. 

We standardized the teaching organization and management model during the teaching process. For example, we unified a general outline of coursesand the form of exam, and we also unified the education management and teaching monitor forms. To guarantee the science and advanced of teaching process, we will constantly construct teaching resource, update the teaching content of basic computer courses, and improve teaching methods.