Experiment Center


Electronic Information Technology Experimental Teaching Center of Yunnan University (referred to as Experimental Center)was founded in 2004, based on the former Radio Laboratory founded in 1953 and the former Computer Laboratory founded in 1971. It has been selected as the advanced collective national laboratory by the State Education Commission in 1990. The Experimental Center was nominated as "Experimental teaching demonstration center of Yunnan Province" in 2007 and "National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2015.  In the same year, Yunnan Education Commission authorizedthe establishment of "Electronic information technology virtual simulation experimental teaching center".

Experimental Center develops teaching and scientific research based on the school of information and technology, and works under school and college two-level management model with "center manager-laboratory officer-laboratory teacher" accountability mechanism, which allows more efficient utilization of manpower, material resources and financial capacity to provide a higher management ability and better comprehensive effect.

Experimental Center has a pool of prominent scholars and professors. At the end of 2015, there were 12 full-time and 33 part-time teachers. Among the full-time teacher, there were 7 senior experimentalists, 3 experimentalists and 5 of them have PhDs. The Experimental Centeruses room area of 7010 square meters, 3258 units of equipment, with the total value of 28,160 thousand yuan.

Experimental Center has developed based on the support of 4disciplines: communication engineering,computer science and technology, Biological Engineering, and control science and engineering. Over89 experimental coursesand 280 experimental projects are opened for undergraduate students each year. 

Experimental Center enjoys the spirit of "Apply your learning, and then promote your learning", and forms the teaching conception and system of "one core, three combinations and four levels".  Experimental Center adhere toimprove practical creativity of the students as the core, cultivates elite members and promote socio-economic development through teaching and researching in science and technology activities,breaks through the traditional experimental teaching model of "disciplines to programmers to courses", and constructs a new four-level teaching system with "basic experiment, professional experiment, engineering practice, and innovation experiment".

In the recent year, Experimental Center has built the platforms for basic experiment, professional experiment, engineering practice, and innovation experiment, which are consist of several laboratories with optimized resources disposition, includingelectrical and electronic lab, computer foundation lab, signal processing lab, electronic technology lab, communication technology lab, computer system lab, control engineering lab, TOI lab, network engineering training room, electronic design and test training room, and a student's scientific and technical innovation activity center. 

Through years of effort, Experimental Center has kept cooperationwith a number of famous domestic and international enterprises, and developed into a basic, professional, opened, and comprehensive training ground for electronicand information technology talent.