Computer Science and Engineering


Our department was founded in 1984. It is the first computer department in Yunnan Province. Now it has one undergraduate major – Computer Science and Technology. The major is key construction undergraduate specialty and comprehensive reform pilot in Yunnan Province. In 2008, the major was authorized as state-level characteristic specialty. 

Our department is the first Master’s degree authorization unit in the field of computer science and technology in Yunnan Province.  Grade-2 subjects “Computer software and theory” (1998) and “Computer application technology”(2000), the first grade subject “Computer science and technology”(2000), the professional Master’s degree “Computer technology”(2004), two self-designed grade-2 subjects “Service science and engineering” (2013) and “Internet of things engineering”(2013) have been authorized successively. In 2011, our department was listed in new construction unit with first grade doctoral program in Yunnan “Twelfth five-year” plan.

Now, our department has 35 full-time faculties, of which 21 are professors or associate professors, 14 lecturers, 60% hold the doctorate degrees. In some research fields including data science and mass data information processing, multimedia information processing and computer vision, computer networks and distributed computing, we have formed many research interests with own characteristic, the academic achievements are widely recognized at home and abroad. 

Major: Computer Science and Technology

In 1984, the undergraduate major "computer software" of Yunnan University was founded, and “computer application" was set up in 1987. In 1998, according to the professional adjustment requirements of the Ministry of Education for undergraduate education, these two majors were merged into "Computer Science and Technology”. Our major is key construction undergraduate specialty and comprehensive reform pilot in Yunnan Province. In 2008, the major was authorized as state-level characteristic specialty. Now, our major is the only key undergraduate and national characteristic specialty in computer science in Yunnan Province.

  According to the demands for talents in national economic and social development in Yunnan Province and the needs for information development in neighboring countries of Southeast Asia, our major carry out the teaching ideas on combination of science and technology, laying a solid foundation, classified training, emphasis on practice, focus on innovation; and take the advantage of Computer Science, dedicated to promote the construction and reform of the curriculum system through the combination of teaching with scientific research and practice.  

  Based on the teaching teams and course group construction, our major actively promotes the reform of the teaching methods, set up three groups on data and knowledge engineering, image processing, high-performance computing and mobile Internet. In recent 3 years, we have taken 11 projects on the national excellent course construction and teaching reform, obtained 13 awards on the national educational reform and published 17 papers on the educational reform and 13 specialty textbooks. The acceptance rate for postgraduate programs of our undergraduate students is 25-30%. The undergraduates have taken 13 research projects. In the undergraduate science and technology competition, we have won 8 national first prizes, 16 second and 5 third; 18 provincial first prizes, 4 two, 11 three. Computer software level test pass rate is about 38.6%. The undergraduate employment rate is more than 95%.