Communication Engineering


As early as 1981, the teaching and research office came into existence when Yunnan University set up the Department of Information and Electronic Science. The Communication Engineering Program was first offered in 1992, and begun to recruit students a year later. In 1998, the School of Information Science and Engineering was established, in which the Department of Communication Engineering was set up as well. Nowadays, the Department has a key undergraduate program of Yunnan province – Communication Engineering Program, a key communication engineering laboratory of College Distinctive Discipline awarded by Ministry of Finance; it offers five master degree programs (Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Processing, Circuit and System, and Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment), an engineering master program (Electronic and Communication Engineering), and a doctor’s degree program (Information and Communication Engineering) .      

The Department of Communication Engineering has been focused on the teaching and research, concerned about discipline and professional construction, improved education level and teaching quality, and gained remarkable achievement in terms of Cultivating Innovative Talents. It has not only good education environment but also outstanding staffs: 17 faculties, which include 1 doctoral supervisor, 15 master supervisors, 2 young and mid-aged academic leaders of Yunnan Province, 1 young and mid-aged key teacher, 9 professors, 6 associated professors and 2 lecturers.  

The present students recruited by the Department consist of more than 100 graduate students and more than 400 undergraduate students including about 200 national defense students. Over the years, it produces a large number of graduates to support urgent needs of the society and the army. Graduates from our department have both solid foundation and strong application skills and are well appreciated by employment units, most of whom have become technical backbone and leaders. 

While concentrating on traditional teaching works, the department also persists in reforming teaching method, strengthening fundamental theories, widening specialty caliber, reinforcing the practical teaching, stressing on quality-oriented education and training students both innovative capability and practical skills to promote their comprehensive quality. Except common laboratories, the Department has established basic communication laboratory, communication system laboratory, and communication engineering laboratory, which are responsible for the experiments of communication engineering. To meet students’ requirement for practice teaching, the department has built about 10 practice training bases outside the campus. In addition, the department encourages and organizes students to participate national and international competitions, including the “Challenge Cup” (National undergraduate curricular academic science and technology), National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, National Mathematic Contest in Modelling, and US Mathematic Contest in Modelling, in which a number of awards has been obtained and favorable effects are achieved.   

The Department of Communication Engineering takes emphasize on not only teaching quality promotion, but also science research works: our faculties actively undertake research projects and product development, enhance forming a group discipline with distinctive characteristics and influence. Our faculties have done a lot of research and development works and gained a series of significant achievements in the following fields: communication and network technology, microwave technology and application, wireless communication, mobile communication, signal processing, neural network, and electric communication and smart grid. A number of research projects, including “863” plan project, national science funded projects, and application fundamental research of Yunnan projects, have been implemented; More than 400 research papers have been published. The department is in advanced position nationwide in some research fields and has become one of important bases for training high-level talents of communication technology, science research and product development in Yunnan province. The department is devoted to promoting national economic informationization and local economic construction of Yunnan. 

Major: Communication Engineering

Educational Objectives: The Communication Engineering program produces graduates with fundamental theories and practical skills in communication system, communication networks and communication engineering; graduates will be able to attain the communication science and engineering practice training and preliminary research training. The basic period of studying is 4 years, and Bachelor Degree of Engineering will be awarded.   

Main Courses: Computer Programing, Communication Electronic Circuits, Principle of Communications, Data Communication and Computer Networks, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Signal and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology, Microwave and Antenna Techniques, Switching Technology, Mobile Communication, Optical Technique and Fiber Communication, Radio and Television Technology, Computer Network Engineering, Introduction to Internet of Things, Mobile Internet Technique and Applications, Network Information Security, Introduction to Integrated Circuits, Radio Frequency Circuit Design, DSP Technique and Applications, Embedded System and Develop, Engineering Project Management.

Career Direction: Graduates can be accepted for engineering practices in research institutes, colleges and universities, government departments, public institutes, companies, military department.