Yunnan Electronic Computing Center


Yunnan Electronic Computing Center (Yunnan province Institute of computing technology) is a public institution founded and fully invested by Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China and People’s Government of Yunnan Province. It is directly subordinate to Science and Technology Department of Yunnan and the earliest professional computing science and research institute. The Center is engaged in computer science and technology, digital media, automatic control, software engineering, network technologies, system integration and other scientific research and development work and such work as computer technology training and national occupational qualification assessment. The Center has obtained many provincial municipal awards for its outstanding achievements in science and technology advances. 

On September 2005, according to the review from People’s Government of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Electronic Computing Center was successfully incorporated into Yunnan University after reconstructuring. On October 2015, according to the structuring plan of Yunnan University, the Center was incorporated into the Department of Information. Two administrative offices such as Party and Administration Office and Finance Office, as well as four business offices such as Digital Media Technologies Research Office, Network Technologies Research Office, Automation Technologies Research Office and Computer Training Office are established under the Center. At present, the Center employees 50 staff, among which about one thirds with degrees above master or are middle-aged and young talents having overseas study experience, 1 with advanced title, 14 with senior titles, 2 enjoying special national subsidies, 2 receiving special provincial subsidies, and 3 obtaining provincial awards for their excellent professional technologies. 

Since the 15th Five-year Plan, Yunnan Electronic Computing Center has undertaken more than 30 national and provincial science and technology projects with digital media technologies as the orientation, and made key technological breakthroughs in network multimedia, media digitalization, embedded terminal and unmanned aerial vehicle imaging. The Center has accumulated rich technological experience and formed its own technological advantages and characteristics. A batch of national advanced awards is obtained for its progresses made in science and technology. Besides, the Center has more than 10 patents and other intellectual property rights and published over 70 research papers. Some of its achievement contributes to the national technological progresses, four of which has taken the lead on a national level. In 2013, Yunnan Electronic Computing Center officially launched a key laboratory of digital media technologies in higher institutions with the approval of Education Department of Yunnan.